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[age] 2/13/1990 (21)

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[series] Godkiller

[full name] Tommy Stark

[age] Sixteen, but he will be aged up to eighteen.

[gender] Male, both mentally and physically.

[canon point] After the movie.

[reference] Here is the movie online.

[personality] Compared to a majority of the characters in "Godkiller", Tommy would have to be the sanest and most normal. Which is sad. Thrust into a rather desperate situation thanks to the deaths of his parents and his sister's failing heart, he has been forced to adapt in a world where he has been lied to for most of his life. Practically brainwashed into believing that he hasn't "earned God's love" Tommy has been constantly controlled and manipulated by pretty much every adult around him, the government included... But unlike some he seems to realize this due to the "legends" told in the comics he reads from the Outer City. Thanks to the tales here he has grown much more defiant and seeks to find a better life for himself and his sister, even if he has to resort to rashly helping and eventually befriending organ thieves to do so. He can be stubborn and will question authority, claiming "non-serviam" ("I will not serve"), although he isn't always as quick to do so when threatened with punishment.

While Mulciber claims that people of his generation are not good at adapting thanks to said brainwashing and media control the boy does seem to do a decent job, especially since he is able to think quickly and while on the run. However he does have a tendency to lose his composure very fast and is prone to panicking at the slightest hint of danger, which unfortunately is very present thanks to the environment he is in.

Unfortunately his amount of street smarts also vary depending on how much of an upper hand he has, and despite his threats and cursing Tommy is actually quite a wimp. And of course it doesn’t help that the teen has almost unnaturally horrible luck. Compared to the Silver City the Outer City is like nothing he has ever experienced, and thus his curiosity and naive nature tend to get him into a lot of trouble. While his quick thinking may be useful it is also very dangerous, as he rarely considers the consequences before jumping in the path of a foe or wandering into dangerous territory. Most of the time he even seems to realize that his actions are foolish, as he constantly calls himself an idiot or notes that "this is a bad idea", but for some reason we can only guess at continues on anyway. Despite his pride and desire to exhibit free will he is still quite sheltered and is not accustomed to the way things work out in the real world. He has little to no experience with people besides anyone at the orphanage and his sister, which usually makes him come off as quite awkward or even rude.

While he may curse up a storm a good deal of the time, at heart Tommy is actually a pretty good guy. Not all of the innocence he had during his early life has been lost at the orphanage and he is always willing to help someone who he can trust... Or even someone he might not know at all. Even though he hasn't known them all that long he does grow very attached to bother Halfpipe and Dr. Mulciber, fearlessly risking his own life to try and bargain with Beezal for theirs. This trust can make him quite vulnerable, as he does have the tendency to just go along with things without really understanding the situation and just assuming someone can be trusted.

His bond with his sister is also very strong and he seems to blame himself for both her illness and their mother's death, wondering why "God took her and not him".

[orientation] Probably heterosexual. While Tommy is still young and has not exactly had the opportunity to show much sexual preference one way or the other, there are certain times when he is obviously attracted to women… Mainly Halfpipe. On numerous occasions he grows awkward around her, blushing and even once saying, "when you smile it’s like... Like everything stops." Even though clumsy, it’s obviously an attempt to get on the good side of someone who is likely one of the only females he knows.

It should also maybe be noted that Tommy could be a little traumatized about sex in general for a while, since while following Halfpipe he was kidnapped by their pimp Beezal, who subsequently raped him. Given his nature and personality this will probably make him... Quite cautious.

[appearance] Tommy is a very scrawny boy, with chronically-messy dark hair and blue-gray eyes. He is undeniably not all that attractive, but he can be cute in a more childlike way when smiling. Most of the time though he appears rather disheveled or covered in bandages thanks to his chronic bad luck.

Of course, thanks to a certain run-in with Beezal he has been left with numerous other scars all over his body, and from another incident he lost his entire right arm... It has been mysteriously replaced with a metal, skin-covered prosthetic now though. Being aged up only two years will not make him look drastically different, so he will only become a little tighter and possibly gain some muscle. Maybe.

[wish] For Lucy to be saved.

[requested house] Please pick one for him!

[misc notes] While it may never come up, I feel like I should point out Tommy’s blood. For unknown reasons it is extremely pure and potent, so characters sensitive to this could possibly be just as drawn to him as those in his own world.


[sample 1#] Tommy hated his life.

It was bad enough to already have his arm cut off and then replaced by whoever the hell had taken him back to Silver City, but now he woke up to find himself owned by someone? Again?! Fuck his life. How did this shit always happen to him?

Letting out a groan of aggravation the teen ran a hand through his already-messy hair as he curled up on the floor of his new room. After a moment of trying to recollect his thoughts he pulled open his kimono (which he found horribly breezy and weird) to look at the new tattoo that graced his thin torso, sulking a little. He ran his fingers over the marking slowly, wondering vaguely why his first tattoo had to be something so girly. But that was hardly the point, huh? Where had everyone else gone? Were they in this... Ukia... Yuke... Whatever place with him?

"Shit, this isn’t good... Guuh!" he made another noise of frustration, yanking at his hair now before his hands dropped and he forced himself to stand. He needed to go; to either find a way to get out of this contract (the one he already had was enough, thanks) or to find a way out of this weird place.

It was probably a bad idea.

He should stay here. The woman who had explained everything (he thought) to him seemed nice enough for now, and better yet she hadn’t tried to drink his blood! That was always an upside, right? But... He still had to get back to Lucy. It could already be too late.
Tommy bit his lip, staring towards the door before approaching and shoving it open.

This was a bad idea.

[sample 2#] Here is his thread in the practice community.
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