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[Application for sirenspull]

Player Information

Name: Kaera
Age: 20
AIM SN: Paperchild013
email: butlerofdeath@gmail.com
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes
Currently Played Characters: N/A
Conditional: Activity Check Link: N/A

Character Information

Canon Source: Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)
Canon Format: Manga
Character's Name: Aru Akise
Character's Age: 15-16
Conditional: N/A
What form will your character's NV take? A cell phone similar to the Future Diary he had in his own world.


Character's Canon Abilities: Akise’s only real supernatural ability is his investigation skills, which are only given to him from Deus. He is very good at following clues and has almost a sixth sense when it comes to hunting down answers, his intuition eerily perfect. A power that he gains himself is the "Detective Diary", his Future Diary that gives him the ability to predict the future of the other holders. Unfortunately this ability has since stopped because of the death of the Eight, so he is again left without a Diary.

Aru is also quite strong and is even able to render Yuno immobile twice during bouts of her psychotic rage.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? Since his primary canon power will be gone, in siren’s Port Akise will have the dormant ability to predict the future actions of others. Like with the Diaries he will only be able to predict a day or two in the future but the predictions will now be limited to people he has met at least once.

Weapons: Aru normally carries no weapons on his person but usually just uses improvisational things to fight with if the need arises.


Character History: The Wikipedia is here, which will be useful for some of the terms I use, but I’ll go over Akise’s history here.

Aru Akise first appears as a student in Yukiteru’s new school who helps him figure out the identity of the Fourth Diary holder before even the police can. In fact, because of his intelligence and uncanny investigation skills he is mistaken for a holder himself and even plays along quite convincingly.

From then on he manipulates even the police in order to investigate the Diary Holders more and is the first to discover most of Yuno's secrets on his own. For a good deal of this time his exact reasons for his actions are unknown. He also sides with the Ninth on several occasions as well and even gets the prickly terrorist to trust him to a certain extent.

But during the end of the world he confronts Deus to find out if people can be returned from the dead, where it is revealed he is actually an "advanced information-gathering entity" created by the God in order to follow the Diary Holders during their game. He is unhappy to hear this, even moreso when Deus attempts to deconstruct him and collect the information he has gather... But because of the creation of his own Diary that he arranged he is able to convince his creator that he possesses his own free will and he is allowed to live.

He is then returned to the normal world where he stops Yukiteru and Yuno before they are able to kill the Eighth. He manages to separate the two, severally wounding Yuno before trying to warn Yukiteru of her plans to kill him and become God herself. But despite his best efforts (and even a kiss) the other boy doesn’t believe him and he is eventually decapitated by Yuno... But not before he manages to show Yukiteru a message through his phone revealing how she managed to become God in an alternate dimension already and killed the version of herself in their world.

Point in Canon: After he is killed by Yuno.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality: When one first meets Aru, it would most likely strike them that he seems quite normal in comparison with many of the people he chooses to associate with. Gifted with maturity and strong social skills he is undeniably the type who can easily make friends, an ability that is undoubtedly helpful as an amateur detective. He is also extremely bright and good at using logic to find clues regarding the Diary users- often before any of them discover anything themselves. He is even the first to uncover the truth of Yuno's time leap and the mysterious corpses in her home, even before the police themselves do. Overall Akise's mental capability is definitely his most valuable asset as an ally, and when combined with his attention to the smallest details and ability to keep a cool head he is extremely formidable. He is able to quickly formulate plans and often executes them in a fashion that many would find rather brash or just plain crazy... But there are few times when he doesn't know just what he is doing and even fewer times when he doesn't succeed. In those few cases he is undeniably good at improvising.

Along with his smarts, Aru is quite a convincing actor when the need arises. He is able to successfully trick several Diary holders into believing he can read the future as well without even truly understanding the context of their abilities, and even once his plan is revealed he is still able to outwit the power of their Diaries. His unassuming and charming personality undoubtedly plays a large role in how easily he can get people to trust him, although his tendency to speak cryptically and act unpredictable can make him seem suspicious.

Akise also has uncanny dedication and motivation, a prime example being his love for Yukiteru. While it is revealed to be nothing more than a whim of Deus's, he remains determined to see the other boy become God and continues to try and separate him from Yuno to kill her. Once he sets his mind to something (or someone) he refuses to just give in and will use any resources available to achieve his goals, and anyone left in the way is just collateral damage... In fact, once he realizes that the lives of Yukiteru's friends can no longer be of use in his plans, he stops attempting to save them and tries to change the past in Paradox by killing other Diary holders himself so Yukiteru can then win easier. He also repeatedly uses Muru Muru as a human shield from explosions once he finds out that she is indestructible.

All in all Akise's pleasant personality certainly makes him seem harmless enough, but almost everything he does is spurred on by his naturally curious nature and dedication to his cause. It would certainly be unwise to try and get in his way once he is motivated, for he will not think twice about taking others down if they are not useful in his plans.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A

Character Plans: I would like to see Aru make new allies but also have a chance to investigate the Darkness and Siren’s Port in general. Given the information that could be possessed by both factions he would also likely try to work his way into both of them in order to aid his work.

He will also be working for a way to get sent back to his world before he is killed in order to get to Yuno and kill her once and for all now that he knows her secrets.

Appearance/PB: Here.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample [When the video turns on it shows an image of a young man looking up at one of those less-than-helpful signs, an almost amused smile on his face. No, he doesn’t seem all that bothered by being somewhere so strange suddenly- at least not outwardly.]

Hm. I had no idea the Afterlife would be so interesting… I wonder if this was part of Deus’s plan as well?

[He glances around the baseball diamond in the evening light, red eyes looking more than a little creepy as he observes everything. He then turns his attention to his NV, clicking through something before frowning vaguely.]

... It isn’t there anymore. I just hope Yukiteru understood.

[ But just as the sun goes lower those sirens go off and he blinks, raising an eyebrow.]

Now what could that be?

Third Person Sample Well, this was certainly not what Aru had expected to see upon dying.
Of course he wasn’t sure what he had expected in the first place, given the thought hadn’t come to mind all that much... Perhaps he had been waiting for some sort of infinite darkness or maybe fluffy clouds and a bright light; the cliché human ideals? Either way he had not been planning to wind up in the middle of a baseball field covered in graffiti. How strange.

Running a hand through his hair to try and recollect himself, the self-proclaimed detective moved forward to get a better look at the signs barely illuminated in the evening light. "You’re all screwed now!" "Turn back!!" "This way if you dare..."

Goodness, this place was certainly less than welcoming right off the bat. But of course this did little to nothing to dampen Aru’s spirits and he just smiled in what could have been taken for amusement as he moved his attention from the signs to look beyond the diamond. A city... Certainly not one he had ever seen before, either. Of course maybe that was to be expected. He was dead now, right? The surroundings probably wouldn’t be somewhere anyone was familiar with.

... That was right. Dead. A frown crossed the young man’s face now, one hand clenching into a fist as the weight of everything he had left behind suddenly hit him. He had left Yukiteru alone with her. Dammit, he could only hope his final message had gotten through to the other, that he had managed to find SOME way to protect himself and kill Yuno. If anything happened to his beloved Yukiteru...

But the (former) detective of God was snapped from his thoughts as he heard footsteps behind him. Almost instinctively he turned and flashed the approaching Greeter a winning smile just as those eerie sirens began to go off around them.

"Hello! I have a few questions, if you don’t mind..."
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