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Chess (King, Queen, Black Knight, Red Knight)

I have recently been working on a set of poems based on the characters of Kuroshitsuji [The Black Butler], relating each of them to a piece in the game of Chess. I have four works done so far and will update with the others as they come, so please check out the cuts below and critique! Thanks!!

The King (Ciel)

I am the king
A lonely ruler on an oversized throne
Alive for one simple thing
To forever serve those of royal bone.

My duty is a burden
But one I brought upon myself
My work will never come to an end
Not even if it takes me to hell.

I am a child
A doll with its innocence stripped away
And the path I must walk goes on for miles
Because of fire that raged that day.

The corpses I have trodden
Lay in a never-ending line
None of them will ever be forgotten
For their voices haunt the back of my mind.

I am a sacrifice
Kidnapped and sold but given a choice
By a demon with a heart of ice
Who now exists to obey my voice.

He is perfect in every way
And binds me within his devilish ring
But even if he would go astray
I am still the king.

The Queen (Madam Red)

I am the queen
But a pawn all the same
Hiding my nature behind a screen
A fatal mistake in this deadly game.

Everything in my life was taken away
And the things I could have had will never be
For pain is the price a beauty must pay
Eternally destroying those close to me.

I am a doctor
But I have strayed from the healing path
Brutally killing those called “whores”
For their ungrateful ways spurred my wrath.

They could do the thing I never could
And yet chose to discard it through surgery
Committing the sin I never would
Not even if it saved the worthless life of me.

I am a murderer
Taken in by the words of a god
Who became my humble butler
Although his gentle ways are a mere façade.

His red scythe cuts through the London fog
Punishing me for who I chose to live for
But despite the fact that I am dead and gone
I am the queen forevermore.

The Black Knight (Sebastian)

I am a knight
A warrior who wears only black
Unable to be bested in any fight
For when it comes to my duty I never slack.

I am flawless in every way
With a perfectly practiced and eternal smile
But be careful that I do not lead you astray
One look in my eyes will leave you defiled.

I am a butler
Forever serving my young lord
Who orders me to battle without a stutter
Since humanity is what he now abhors.

Despite his harsh nature
And the way in which he condemns all others
I know that inside his heart is pure
And that he longs for the comforts brought by another.

I am a demon
A creature that grew weary of life’s dull chore
Saving a child who would be my summon
But holding his soul forevermore.

Now he makes the choices and I merely obey
Always smiling as I save him from plight
And I will follow like a shadow until his dying day
For I am eternally the king’s black knight.

The Red Knight (Grell)

I am a knight
A fighter cloaked only in red
For I see anything crimson as a beautiful sight
As it is the color of the silent dead.

I fight not for glory or honor or love
But instead for the thrill of the finishing blow
So know that my allegiance is not to above
But to those in the fiery pits below.

I am a butler
Now taking orders from a mere woman of Earth
Who shares my wish to be a mother
And like me is prevented from giving birth.

But despite the fact that we feel the same way
I still will remove her soul from its frame
For she no longer says what I bid her to say
And cannot complete her task in our game.

I am a death god
In love with a demon as black as the night
Who was the only one to see through my clever façade
And bested me in the most beautiful fight.

While I was not able to make his soul mine
I will again greet him in battle with eternal delight
Binding us together for the rest of time
For I will always be the blood-red knight.
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